A Buyer's Guide to Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Be an informed buyer

This guide walks you through the things you need to do, and keep in mind, when preparing to purchase EPLI. Learn which questions to ask to help you get the insurance that best suits your needs.
Things you need to do before buying EPLI

Inside the guide

  • 1

    Welcome to a Buyer's Guide to Employment Practices Liability Insurance

    • Introduction
    • Course Resources
  • 2

    Preparing to Buy an EPLI Policy

    • What to do before buying EPLI?
    • Why do companies buy EPLI?
    • How to select an insurance company?
  • 3

    Understanding EPLI Basics

    • What to buy? A look at the insuring agreements in an EPLI policy
    • Stand Alone or Combined Policy?
    • Policy Period, Extended Reporting Period & Geographical location
  • 4

    Policy Declarations, Terms and Conditions

    • Liability limits and sub-limits
    • Retention or deductible?
    • Reporting and Notice
    • Changes in Exposure and Cancellation
    • Representation and Severability
  • 5

    Course Wrap Up & Survey

    • Course Wrap Up
    • Buyer's Guide to EPLI Survey